Security Tips for Businesses and Homes

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A selection of free tips for home and business owners:

  • Invest in high-quality deadbolt locks for all exterior doors and windows. Triple S Alarms can recommend a reputable locksmith in your area.
  • Install motion-detecting outdoor floodlights around your business premises.
  • Ask for identification from service representatives who cold-call your business.
  • Ensure your staff members are aware of emergency procedures, location of all entries and exits, and know how to successfully operate your security system and locks.
  • Install grills, shutters or locks on your windows if your business is on a lower level or ground floor.
  • Keep areas around windows free from overgrown plants and bushes.
  • Test your smoke alarms regularly and check that they meet Australian standards.
  • Periodically change combinations and passwords on alarm systems, computers and safes.
  • Never put an address or office number on a key tag.
  • Consider installing a digital door lock or an access control system to eliminate the need for keys.  The use of a pin number or entry card will automatically unlock a door when entering or lock a door when exiting your building, providing peace of mind.
  • Ensure the keys to your workplace cannot be duplicated, and implement policies against sharing codes and keys.
  • A security safe will protect your cash and valuables from thieves as well as fire or flooding.
  • Try to avoid leaving cash on your premises overnight.
  • Keep a record of employees who have keys, card readers or pin numbers to access control systems.
  • Have a professional back-to-base alarm system installed at your business to alert you to break-ins and/or smoke & fire alarms.
  • Have a visitor policy where visitors must sign in at the front entrance and display a visitor pass. Visitors should accompany an employee at all times.
  • Use CCTV surveillance to deter intruders and monitor your premises in real time.
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